Downstream Motor or GT from 1MW to 270 mw

Our Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) are designed in accordance with in-house technology, developed and standardized through many projects satisfactorily executed around the world with the most demanding clients.

Our references cover a very wide range of sizes, from HRSG behind small gas turbines of few MW up to the largest 500 MW units, firing gas or fuel oil.
We have a wide variety of designs that will be customized in order to meet your requirements:

  • Horizontal or vertical exhaust gas path.
  • Natural or assisted circulation.
  • One, two or three pressure levels with or without reheating.
  • Advanced steam parameters.
  • Top supported heat exchange bundles.
  • Pressure parts in loose harps or modular sections.
  • Drum-type or once-through type HRSGs.
  • Cold or hot casing design.
  • Supplementary firing or fresh air firing system.
  • Design for base load or cycling operation and fast start-up.
  • Internal or external deaerator.

We build turn key boilers for green field or repowering projects, including, when requested, auxiliary systems, boiler housing, SCR deNOX systems etc.