Waste-To-Energy Boilers, Waste Heat Boilers

Downstream Motor or GT from 1MW to 270 mw

Termotecnica Industriale supplies small-medium size biomass fired boilers and WTE boilers according to the references and know how of Pensotti FCL experience.

Biomass fired boilers can utilise a wide range of biomass fuels including wood chips, saw dust, bark, wheat straw, rice husk, bagasse, grape and other agricultural residues etc.

WTE boilers can utilize municipal solid waste, refuse derived fuel, waste wood and waste gases. Depending on the type of fuel, its physical and chemical properties, we can utilize air cooled or water cooled reciprocating or vibrating combustion grates.

We select the best grate technology available from different technologists to meet the project specific requirements or client best choice.

We supply also simple Waste Heat Recovery plants (WHB) from external plants and flue gas stream form different sources.